The view from the top of the tower was amazing. With few exceptions most of the things worked as they should. I had one hand on my wizard hat to protect it from wind. It’s too windy in this height. As I was looking from the tower, door behind me opened and traveler came in.

“I’m glad to see you. It was a while till we met. There was plenty of things that happened in the meantime and needed my attention. I even spent some time in the world of Bodhi and I must say it is complicated and noisy world. Too different from this one. But this is the story for another time.” I stepped back from the railing and moved to part of the balcony that was shielded from the wind. There was table and two chairs. I sat on one and traveler followed me. “You probably want to hear some news. So relax and listen, this will take some time.”

Wizard’s journey to Flock

Few weeks ago my wizard’s work took me to Flock in the far away city of Budapest. The Flock is the symposium of people from different worlds of Fedora universe and sometimes beyond. This symposium is not only for mages, you can find plenty of different professions on this event. You can see artist (designers), writers (documentation guys), translators, tinkerers (sysadmin) and plenty more. It has really friendly atmosphere and it’s full of interesting people.

With my pointy hat I tried to represent as best as I could. I even had my own talk. I talked about the future of (you can read about it here). There were few questions from the audience, which were interesting and I even learnt something new.

Fedora Silverblue

There was a few talks I was really interested in. I wanted to know what is new in world of Silverblue, which is a relatively young world in Fedora Universe (to know more about Fedora Silverblue, please visit official documentation). They are using some very interesting techniques like unsplitable enhancements (atomic updates) and never changing landscape (read-only file system, at least most of it). If any world should be presented to wider audience outside of Fedora universe, it should be Silverblue (I think it’s the best Fedora desktop for common users).

Fedora Flatpaks

Another very interesting world, which had their own presentation on symposium, is one named Fedora Flatpaks (for those of you, who don’t know what Flatpaks are, look here). This world is absolutely exciting and made from small islands (flatpak containers) connected to rest of the Fedora universe using portals (flatpak portals). The islands are not depending on anything in Fedora universe, so they could be used in other universes as well, which makes them absolutely amazing. I hope this world will bring different universes closer together.

Translation world

The last think I found very interesting is happening in translation world. This world has connection to plenty of other worlds and helps crossing the bridges between different languages.

Right now this world is communicating with other worlds using Zanata world, but this world is dying. Nobody is taking care of it. Translators, inhabitants of translation world, decided that they will move to Weblate world. On the symposium they talked about plan for this migration and how it will be done.

The translators also discussed the low number of new translators coming to their world and how could they change it. It was interesting to see what languages are most spread among the population of translators and how the numbers are dropping. There were a few good ideas how to increase these numbers and I wish them this really helps.

Why there are no news in Bugzilla

In the last few weeks you probably noticed that there are no news coming from the island of the-new-hotness to world of Bugzilla. Unfortunately this has more then one cause.

At the beginning it was issue on Bugzilla side (, which took some weeks till they fixed it. After this fix, everything looked good, but some time later Anitya sent messenger with message that broke the-new-hotness entirely. Our workers tried to restart it, but every time they did, the messenger just gave them the same message and waited outside.

Do you ask what message could cause this unfortunate situation? It was pretty simple, two months ago the world of Go, known for their Go language, renamed parts of world and this change wasn’t reflected in world of Bugzilla. So every time the-new-hotness asked Bugzilla about this part, they kicked messenger out of Bugzilla and the-new-hotness just broke without answer. We fixed this by syncing the changes with Bugzilla, but from time to time we are hitting this issue, because we are not sure what exactly was renamed.

In the meantime I created a fix that will kick the messenger out of the door of the-new-hotness and take another one, if Bugzilla world is not happy with our message. Right now, I have problem to reproduce this issue in purgatory (staging environment), because the renaming wasn’t done here and I’m working with other mages to resolve this and test this properly in purgatory.

This fix will be alive soon.

What about Anitya

You are probably wondering what is happening with Anitya. In last few weeks I mostly worked together with other mages on the world of Bodhi. I didn’t have much time to look on the realm of Even with my occupation elsewhere I was able to prepare new version of that will soon arrive to purgatory.

This new version should fix plenty of issues and introduce new features to already amazing world of Here are few of them:

  • Don’t bother projects we are watching too often (use If-modified-since HTTP header when checking for new versions)
  • Allow different approach for watching for GitHub world (allow fetching releases instead of tags from GitHub project)
  • Fix Anitya issue when adding support for new distribution
  • Add new worker for ( consumer is now part of the Anitya)

Post scriptum

This is all for now from the world of Do you like this world and want to join our conclave of mages? Seek me (mkonecny) in the magical yellow pages (IRC freenode #fedora-apps) and ask how can you help. Or visit the Bugcronomicon (GitHub issues on Anitya or the-new-hotness) directly and pick something to work on.