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New Taskotron tasks

For a while now, Fedora Quality Assurance (QA) is busy with building Taskotron core features and didn’t have resources for additions to tasks that Taskotron runs. That changed a few weeks back when we started running task-dockerautotest, task-abicheck and task-rpmgrill tasks in our development environment. Since then, we are happy with the results of those tasks. We deployed them to the production instance last week. Please note that the results of those tasks are informative only. Let’s introduce the tasks briefly.

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Fedora was at PyCon SK 2016

At the second weekend in March 2016, Fedora had a booth at PyCon SK, a community-organized conference for the Python programming language held in Bratislava, Slovakia. The event happened for the first time this year, and we made sure it happened with Fedora.

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Taskotron Results to Notifications

Taskotron: Problem, Solution, Implementation

With Taskotron not sending comments to Bodhi anymore, there was no easy way to be notified about task results. This changed about a month ago when Taskotron started emitting fedmsgs so results started arriving to packagers. Last week, we fine-tuned notifications so packagers have more power over what result notifications they receive. Let’s have a look what are the defaults and what you can do to change them to suit your needs.

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FOSDEM 2016: Event Report

FOSDEM 2016: Event ReportOrganizing the #DistroDevRoom


As a longtime FOSS advocate and conference-goer, I have woefully from afar followed the press and event coverage after FOSDEM for many years, wishing on my lucky stars that someday, I too might be able to attend this premier FOSS event in Europe. And this year, finally, I got the opportunity to not only attend, but to help organize the Distributions DevRoom. Devrooms are a sort of mini-track within the larger conference, and ours focused on the common problems that Linux distributions, packagers, and other developers working at grand-scale community collaboration have to face.

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PCWorld interviews FPL Matthew Miller for Fedora 2016 plans

On Friday, PCWorld.com interviewed Fedora Project Leader Matthew Miller about Fedora’s plans in 2016.

PCWorld interviewed Matthew Miller about the Fedora Project's plans in 2016

Matthew Miller, the Fedora Project Leader


Miller focused on Fedora’s growth since the introduction of the Fedora.next initiative, dividing Fedora into three separate, focused editions.

Proprietary software

Additionally, there is a lot of talk planned for proprietary graphics drivers and working with them in Fedora. Miller also touched on considering a different approach to how browsers are offered to users, with the idea of possibly even adding Google Chrome to the GNOME Software app with an instructional message about how to download and install it but also explaining why it isn’t free software.


Finally, Miller highlighted that Fedora wants to make contributing easier. The upcoming Fedora Hubs project is intended to be the platform to make it easier to get involved in Fedora without having to learn mailing list culture and IRC etiquette.

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You can read the full interview on PCWorld.

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