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What I have found interesting in Fedora during the week 43 of 2017

My highlights from the past week:

Fedora 27 Server Beta & Fedora 27 Final are No-Go

On Thursday we met together with representatives of QA, FESCo, Release Engineering and few more people on so called Go/No-Go meeting. The goal was to determine whether the Fedora 27 Server Beta as well as Fedora 27 Final are ready to be released. Unfortunately we had to come up with conclusion that nor Fedora 27 Server Beta , nor Fedora 27 Final are ready to be released. We are going to meet once more on this Thursday, November 2nd, to revisit the status of these releases.

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What I have found interesting in Fedora during the week 39 of 2017

I was asked whether I can share sort of a report about interesting events or issues I was involved in or I noticed in the Fedora project and community which happened during the last week. So here is my first post:

Delayed delivery of Fedora 27 Server

This is actually two weeks old decision made by Fedora Council, however it has an overlap to the last week as well. For those who do not know, Fedora Council has decided to support Modularity initiative driven by Modularity WG and Server SIG to deliver the Fedora 27 Server edition as the Modular one. To give this initiative some spare time to be able to deliver the content in high quality the Fedora 27 Server edition is going to be delivered a bit later then the rest of the Fedora 27 release. During the last week there was done work on scheduling of this edition and the currently planned target date for Fedora 27 Server GA is 2017-11-28 having the rain date planned on 2017-12-12. See the details on Langdon’s personal page.
Beside of the scheduling there is of course hard work in progress, delivering for example lorax templates to be able to build images, and  lot more.

Fedora 27 Beta release is GO

On the Go/No-Go meeting held on Thursday 2017-09-28 the representatives of FESCo, RelEng, QA and PgM has concluded the Fedora 27 Beta build 1.5 is GOLD and can be delivered as the official F27 Beta release.

i10n freeze policies

For some time already there are discussions how to deal with “string freezes” during the Fedora Release Cycle. The last week Randy Barlow, as a FESCo representative, has requested a feedback on the current policies. Please check it out and respond, if you have anything to add.

Flock 2018 Bidding Open

Bex has opened bid process for the next Flock 2018. I am personally glad to see the bid process started so early.

Update of Election Application

Justin has took the initiative and together with Ryan Lerch, working on the UI, have requested a deploy of an Election Application update. Hopefully, we will see more fluent flow of upcoming Elections thanks to this update.

New Election schedule

On Fedora Council we were working on scheduling and overall organization of Elections. Finally, we have a new schedule which, as we believe, helps to solve some of the issues and complaints we were facing during the past election cycles.

Fedora 27 talking points

During the last week we have also realized, we have an issue collecting Talking Points for Fedora 27 release. I would like to ask anyone who can contribute here, to do so. And thanks Gabriele to lead this initiative.

And of course, the list above is not exhaustive and there is much more going on in Fedora community. The list above just summarizing some tasks which has drawn my attention.

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