All next week, we will be testing internationalization (i18n) features in Fedora 31. Those are as follows:

  • Langpacks-core — This allows more flexibility for users who want to do custom installations/Spins, or starting from minimal images/installs. They will be able to add basic i18n support for one or more specific language in a predictable standard way without pulling in additional langpacks for translations and extra fonts which may not be required for each added languages.
  • IBus 1.5.21 — IBus 1.5.21 will extend the current compose typing.
    • IBus will extend the compose key sequences less than 255 characters
    • IBus will extend the compose outputs more equal than one characters.
  • VariableNotoFonts — This Change aims to change the priority in Google Noto to make Variable Fonts higher than non-Variable Fonts.

How to participate

Most of the information is available on the Test Day wiki page. In case of doubts, feel free to send an email to the testing team mailing list.

Though it is a test day, we normally keep it on for the whole week. If you don’t have time tomorrow, feel free to complete it in the coming few days and upload your test results.

Let’s test and make sure this works well for our users!