All this week, we will be testing internationalization (i18n) features in Fedora 34. Those are as follows:

  • kasumi-unicode: — kasumi-unicode will be generated newly with kasumi.spec in kasumi project.
  • ibus-anthy for default Japanese IME:— The current default Japanese IME(input method engine) is ibus-kkc and the default is going to change to ibus-anthy to develop Japanese IME more effectively.
  • ibus-m17n as default Sinhala IME :— The current default input method for Sinhala is ibus-sayura. This should change to the ibus-m17n input method “m17n:si:sayura – sayura (m17n)”
  • ibus-unikey as default Vietnamese IME :— This recommended default input method for Vietnamese will be changed from ibus-bogo to ibus-unikey
  • EnableHarfBuzzInFreeType :— Goal of this feature is to enable usage of HarfBuzz in FreeType to improve hinting of glyphs of languages which needs more complicated text shaping.
  • IBus 1.5.24 :— IBus will provide GTK4 IM module and enhance ibus-setup to search input method names more easily.

How to participate

Most of the information is available on the Test Day wiki page. In case of doubts, feel free to send an email to the testing team mailing list.

Though it is a test day, we normally keep it on for the whole week. If you don’t have time tomorrow, feel free to complete it in the coming few days and upload your test results.

Let’s test and make sure this works well for our users!