Another bright morning and another college visit was planned under the wings of University Connect. Thanks to the Pune site team again for the arrangements. On 15th February 2017, we visited the PCCOE college in Pune. Again the early morning alarm clock bell managed to break my sleep. Though, I was not feeling very well (thanks to my on going illness due to allergies), but Open Source, college students and Fedora makes me feel enough energy to beat a dull me.

Agenda at Pune


It was a similar routine as it was for the very first visit. Feel free to refer my previous blog on the first visit. But the agenda was more clear this time. Experience makes a difference. We have included practical examples to showcase during our talks to indulge students more. We have a comparatively wide range of topics to cover this time as OpenStack, Cloud, and the Red Hat subscription model. And we were well prepared with some  goodies to take along with us.

Schedule and speaking arrangements


As usual, opening was done by Rupali Talwatkar speaking about Red Hat and the University Connect program. I talked about an introduction to Fedora, Open Source, and Projects to contribute in and gave example of Justin W. Flory, which was quite impressive and students were really interested to know more about it. Sachin Patil spoke about Open Source projects and their downstream aliases. He showed practically how to subscribe to mailing list and join IRC channels. Anandprakash Tandale spoke about OpenStack and Cloud Introduction. His style was undoubtedly unique and worked well.

It was really a different college to experience with. Faculties are more focused towards the growth of the student’s skills. Students were already aware of Linux and Open Source concepts. Some of them know Python too, which is not the usual case. There was nice ratio of girls students and they were active enough. I remember one faculty mentioned about a girl student who won national level competition in coding. I liked the way students were more interactive and they chased us with their queries afterwards. We definitely want to revisit this college for a deeper connection and for future contributors.

On a lighter note, food in canteen was delicious in the college and I would like to thank a zillion to college faculty for a great hospitality.