This is Status Report for Fedora App filled by participants on a weekly basis.

Status Report for Abhishek Sharma (thelittlewonder)

  • Fedora Account: thelittlewonder
  • IRCthelittlewonder (found in #fedora-summer-coding, #fedora-india, #fedora-design)
  • Fedora User Wiki Page

Tasks Completed

Revamped UI for Package Search

Last Week, Amitosh Implemented a new feature that allows you to search for DNF packages right from the Fedora App. Last week, we worked on the UI of Package Search View to make it more consistent with the design of the application.

Pull Request: #95


Empty States Components

During the last month, We had worked on the design of error and empty states of the app [Check it out, if you haven’t]. Last week, We worked on breathing life into those designs and created angular components for the screens, to increase reusability. Now we can simply throw the components wherever we want to display the empty states.

Pull Request: #96

Women and Diversity Column

The Fedora Project welcomes and encourages participation by everyone. So we added a Women and Diversity Column that showcase the latest updates of the inclusion and diversity events in the Fedora community.

Pull Request: #97

What’s going on

Fedora Podcast

We finally managed to figure out how to integrate Fedora Podcast into the app. Big shoutout to x3mboy for helping me with the Simplecast API key. We will work on the design and integration of Podcast this week.


That’s all for this week. 👋


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