TL;DR: sign up here if you’re interested in good times with your Fedora Friends to celebrate the F33 release!

Mark your calendars: the dates of the Release Party for F33 are November 6th, 7th, and 8th.

The Mindshare Committee is currently working on organizing a Release Party event to celebrate F33. We agreed it should be more of a party than a conference. So we are keeping sessions light, and fun EXTRA. We’ve already had requests for repeats of pictionary, pub quiz, and I guess we can stumble around in Mozilla Hubs too 😉

Previously, I was looking into fun virtual social events for Nest, but there were lots of other social sessions planned, so I decided to push it off for the upcoming release. I have been talking with about their pricing and events, and they can accommodate our group at a reasonable cost. The Mindshare Committee has agreed on two events for the F33 Release: Halloween Party (we confirmed this is internationalized), and War of the Wizards (a mini “Dungeons and Dragons”-type session).

In order to coordinate social events like these we need to plan a bit in advance. I would like to see everyone who is interested be able to participate, meaning I will do my best to work around time zones. Yes, you can sign up for both. Depending on how many people sign up, timezones, etc, we have the option to split up into multiple sessions.

The Halloween Party will be on Friday November 6th. The War of the Wizards will be on Saturday November 7th. This is currently a call for interest, open for 2 weeks. I will then determine time/sessions based on who signs up, and follow up to confirm you are able to attend at the scheduled time. Note, there are no refunds for no shows or reduction in participants.

To sign up, visit this wiki page and add in your information under each of the events you are interested in. Please circulate this in your Fedora spaces, and more info to come. 😀