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Accidental EOL bug closures

As you’re probably aware, Fedora 29 reached End-of-Life (EOL) status yesterday. The Fedora Program Manager (that’s me!) is responsible for closing any bugs that are still open against that version. Typically, several thousand bugs remain open, so there is a script to do this. This morning, I accidentally closed bugs as EOL that should not have been closed. In the interests of community transparency, I want to share what happened.

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Changes to the Prioritized Bugs process

The Fedora Prioritized Bugs process was introduced a few years ago to bring attention to bugs that are high-impact or highly-visible, but don’t violate the release criteria. I recently made some changes to how we implement this in Bugzilla that will help make it easier to handle. This post is to explain the change as well as remind the community that the process exists. This can only work with community input.

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