The Community Blog is one of the best ways for a Fedora community member to share important news, updates, and information about Fedora with others in the community.

The Fedora Community Blog connects different sub-projects, teams, and efforts going on in the community each week. Teams share goals, accomplishments, and calls for help to better connect Fedora contributors to other parts of the Fedora Project.

The Community Blog is administrated by some members of the Community Operations team. Read more about it here.

Writing for the Community Blog

Want to share something on the Community Blog? Anyone can be a writer for any topic. If you work in a team or sub-project, consider publishing something on the CommBlog once a release cycle as a team.

1. Write a first draft in Community Blog

Use your Fedora Account System (FAS) account to sign into the Community Blog WordPress dashboard by signing in here. On the top menu bar, press the + New button to start a draft.

For more help, see the editor’s article guidelines for guidance on content and metadata.

Tips: short, sweet, to the point

For the Community Blog, keep your posts short, sweet, and to the point. This helps others get a big picture view of what is going on in one part of the project. Add links to other references, tickets, or threads, so someone can learn more if they want.

Ideally, Community Blog posts are big headlines pointing out the big stuff to be aware of. Someone can drill down on the details by following hyperlinks to learn more.

2. Request review from an editor

  1. In WordPress, Check the “Enable public preview” box on your post.
  2. Start new thread in #commops tag on Fedora Discussion to request editor review (include post title and deadline for publishing, if applicable).
  3. Watch for feedback from editors / post gets scheduled!

Be sure to communicate when a post is ready for editor review. An email notification is a more reliable way to get editor attention.

3. Request social media coverage

Follow up with the Fedora Marketing team (IRC | Telegram) to ask for help spreading your post on official Fedora social media. After your post publishes, the Marketing team can share it more widely on social media.

We are working to bring back automatic “new post” tweets to the @FedoraCommunity Twitter account.


Have questions about getting started? Feeling stuck? CommOps is here to help. Get in touch with us in any of these locations of your preference (all instant messaging platforms are bridged together):

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