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Heroes of Fedora 23 bonus: Test Days

Heroes of Fedora 23 bonus: Test Days

Heroes of Fedora 23 bonus content – a quick post on Test Day stats.

I realized that in Heroes of Fedora 23 Alpha I promised statistics on Test Days in the Fedora 23 Final post, but forgot to include them when writing it! The Fedora 24 HoF posts will start up soon, but in the mean time, here are the Fedora 23 Test Day stats as a little bonus!

‘Overall fixed %’ is an approximation of what proportion of the bugs reported as part of Test Day events were ‘fixed’. Calculating it involves some subjective choices that have been discussed on the test@ mailing list before, but it’s a reasonable approximation. These stats are generated by this ‘testdays’ tool.

Events: 6
Tests: 318
Bugs: 29
Testers: 28
Overall fixed %: 56.5217391304

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Heroes of Fedora (HoF) – F23 Final

Heroes of Fedora 23 wraps up

Heroes of Fedora 23 completes, with a look at the heroes of Fedora 23 Final testing.

Wrapping up the Heroes of Fedora for Fedora 23, after the Alpha and Beta posts, it’s time to celebrate all those who contributed to Fedora 23 Final testing! As usual, we’ll be looking at Bodhi feedback on updates, release validation tests, and bug reports.

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