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LISA17 Event Report

Why attend LISA17?

LISA is the annual vendor-neutral meeting place for the wider system administration community. The LISA17 program will address the overlap and differences between traditional and modern IT operations and engineering, and offers a highly curated program around three topics: architecture, culture, and engineering.

Who attended LISA17?

Our main booth staff were Nick Bebout (nb), Ricky Elrod (codeblock), and Beth Lynn Eicher (bethlynn). Karsten Wade (quaid) was also at the event, representing both CentOS and Fedora.

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Southeast Linux Fest (SELF) 2017 Ambassadors report


Ambassadors Event Report

Southeast Linux Festival – Charlotte North Carolina
June 9 – 11, 2017
event website: http://www.southeastlinuxfest.org/

Attending Ambassadors

Ben and Kathy Williams (kk4ewt/cewillia) (Fedora event coordinators)
Andrew and Julie Ward (award3535/jward78) (Event report author)
Nick Bebout (nb)
Dan Mossor (danofsatx)
Rosnel Echevarria (reher)


Fedora has been involved in this particular event since its first festival in 2009 and has continued to be a vital part of the event through 2017. The event is the only large scale Linux and open source festival for the South Eastern United States. Even though there is a large number of Linux Users Groups throughout the south this is the only event that draws various communities together in celebration of Linux and Open Source Software. There was a similar event in Orlando Florida in 2015 called FOSSETCON, but the event coordinator announced that the event would occur every two years vice annually. Hopefully the event did not come apart for the fall this year as it normally is scheduled. Most of the Ambassadors arrived on Thursday 8 June the night prior to the event commencement.

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North America and Fedora: Year in Review

The past year has proven to be both challenging and demanding for our Ambassadors. During the past year there have been a lot of new ideas proposed and more events that are being sought out attempting to expand our base. Many of the ventures have been with hack-a-thons in several states. This has been a relatively new venture in those areas. Since our involvement in these types of events, we quickly discovered that Fedora and the associated spins were a new tool for most of these individuals attending and participating. That was a surprising fact within the community that the young and impressionable individuals seemed to be using Windows more than any other operating system available. Since those few we (Fedora) attended, there has been an increase in the open source software utilization across the board at these types of events, a total and undeniable success.

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Fedora at Ohio Linuxfest 2016

Originally posted on Ben Williams’ blog.

This is the Ambassador Report for Ben & Cathy Williams for the Ohio Linuxfest 2016.

We arrived at the our hotel around 1PM on Friday. After checking in we headed over to find the new site in the Hyatt Regency Hotel. The first things we noticed was the Columbus Convention Center is doing a major renovation and one of those renovations was they removed the escalators from the food court to the second floor. At first we thought this may be a issue to move the event stuff in but there was an elevator close by. Also no signage for OLF in the Food Court area. After getting off the elevator on the second floor there was a sign pointing around the corner to the Ohio Linuxfest registration table. This year Ohio Linuxfest charged $10 for general attendees (free to students with student ID). We checked in and out our badges (yes insert favorite Blazing Saddles joke here). We walked down to the Vendor Expo hall which this year had a grand total of 28 exhibitors (see website for vendor lists). While the Expo was setup ready for Vendors to move in but the Vendor Expo was not open to the public on Friday.

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Fedora 24 Release Party: SFVLUG Event Report

On July 2nd, 2016, the San Fernando Valley Linux User Group (SFVLUG) in Lake Balboa, California, celebrated the release of Fedora 24 at their regular meeting. Fedora Ambassador Perry Rivera (FAS: lajuggler) helped coordinate these efforts at their regular meetup at Denny’s. To help celebrate the launch of Fedora 24, Perry brought some install media and a Fedora cake. The release party helped introduce Fedora 24 to a new group of users by providing them with the software and help to get Fedora 24 for themselves. This report details the release party events with SFVLUG and the impact from the event.

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Southeast Linux Fest (SELF) 2016

The Southeast Linux Fest (SELF) is an annual Linux conference in the southeast region of the United States. This year, the conference ran from June 10 – 12, 2016. SELF was located in the Sheraton by the airport in Charlotte, NC.  As expected, the booth site was the same as the earlier years while at this venue. Booth placement plays a vital role in visibility and accessibility. When presentations finish, attendees come out and the first booth visible is Fedora.

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Ambassadors, North America – Year in Review

Ambassadors, North America – Introduction

Throughout 2015, the Fedora Ambassadors of North America (FAmNA) have been a determined and dedicated group for Fedora, and has been for many years prior. As with any group, there is always going to be changes either in personnel or the program. Being adaptive and willing to overcome change is a quality with our Ambassadors that falls into the four foundations in First. Being the leading edge also indicates that “First” is also another word: “change”. Since we work with the foundation “First” it is expected that change goes hand in hand with everything we do within the project.

Fedora Ambassadors of North America representing Fedora

Say hello to Fedora! Fedora Ambassadors of North America in action at Ohio Linux Fest

As we continue to grow and adapt, changes to what is expected of us as Ambassadors also must detail on how we need to promote Fedora. In recent meetings, many ideas have been tossed around in what or how we could further spread the product outside of events. As we continue to grow the “Freedom” to explore more events and ideas, it only gains positive influence both inside our organization and with the public. The last two foundations, “Features” and “Friends”, stand on their own. We have a fantastic group of people that provide valuable information and programming that is included in our software product, and friends are what we embrace as a group and live it in our everyday life with Fedora.

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Fossetcon 2015 – Orlando, Florida

Fossetcon 2015 Orlando Florida – Lake Buena Vista Hilton 19 – 21 November 2015

Fossetcon Ambassadors Report for Andrew Ward (award3535) and Julie Ward (jward78)

Fossetcon is a 3 day event focusing on a variety of free and open source training and speeches.

Fossetcon is a 3 day event focusing on a variety of free and open source training and speeches. Source: Fossetcon.org

Fossetcon is the second annual event in Orlando and the surrounding areas. The Free/Libre and open source software expo/technology conference (FOSSETCON) was based upon free open and diverse expressions within the community. The events main focus was directed on the open and free aspect of software and technology. The event’s organizer Mr. Bryan Smith is a very enthusiastic and dedicated individual that strived for nothing less in the conference.

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