Our first few Fedora Social Hour events have proven to be pretty successful so we’re going to do it again! Tomorrow at 2300 UTC! (If this time isn’t friendly to your time zone, don’t worry — we’ll swap to an earlier time next week, alternating as we go.)

We set up a Matrix room for Fedora Social Hour and we’ll use it as our home base each week to meet up and lay out what we’ll do. It could be an online game or other activity we take up in another window outside of Matrix. Come on by the Matrix room and hang out with us!

Fedora Social Hour

Thursday, April 16th at 11 PM UTC

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How to join:

We will be hosting this social meetup on matrix.org! No need to download a client, although you’ll need to sign up for an account to participate if you do not already have one. You can view the chat before signing up to see if you want to participate.

Do know that Riot.im is an open source client for matrix.org, which is an open source chat protocol (kind of like a next-gen IRC) ?

We have had some hiccups with chanserv on Freenode hooking up an IRC channel to the Matrix room. If that situation improves, this post will be updated with instructions on how to join in IRC.

See you there!