Update (23 Apr 2020 @ 1950 UTC): due a delay in the datacenter move timeline, the Fedora 32 elections will now be held in late May/early June as planned.

One of the core aspects of my job at the Fedora Program Manager is the management of the Fedora elections. After each release, the community chooses members of the Fedora Council, the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee (FESCo), and the Fedora Mindshare Committee. These bodies help to set the course of the project. Because these elections are so important to the future of Fedora, I am making a one-time change to the election schedule.

Normally, the election process starts the week after a release. Assuming Fedora 32 releases as scheduled on Tuesday, the usual schedule would have voting take place between 28 May and 11 June. However, because of the upcoming move of Fedora infrastructure to a new data center, the Elections app is expected to be offline from 20 May to 1 July.

I considered compressing the schedule to complete the elections before the data center move, but that would mean shortening the entire process: nomination, interviews, and voting. This did not seem fair to candidates or to the community. We want to make sure candidates have enough time to consider their positions and to make sure voters have enough time to evaluate the candidates. This is not a process that we should rush.

Instead, I am updating the schedule to begin the voting process approximately one week after the infrastructure is scheduled to be back online. From there, I worked the usual election schedule back. The updated schedule is published to the web and key dates are below. If the data center move is delayed (for example, due to COVID-19 complications), I will adjust the election schedule accordingly.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or come to the weekly FPgM office hours, Wednesdays at 1300 UTC in -meeting-1.