This is a part of the FESCo Elections Interviews series. Voting is open to all Fedora contributors. The voting period starts on Friday, 26 November and closes promptly at 23:59:59 UTC on Thursday, 9 December 2021.

Interview with Kevin Fenzi


Why do you want to be a member of FESCo and how do you expect to help steer the direction of Fedora?

I think I bring a important historical perspective to FESCo, telling newer members what has been tried in the past and what works and doesn’t work.

How do you currently contribute to Fedora? How does that contribution benefit the community?

I’m currently employed by Red Hat in the CPE team to lead Fedora Infrastructure. In my spare time though, I maintain tons of packages, and am active in a number of sigs and groups in Fedora. I try and help folks as much as I can.

Fedora ELN brings RHEL engineering more closely into Fedora. How do you feel we should balance RHEL engineering with the community with ELN building from Fedora?

I think Fedora ELN is a great idea, allowing us to provide more value to enterprise linux projects. I don’t think our balance needs to change from what it has been. Integrating the latest upstream and innovating as we can for our community and consumers. ELN will follow along and if adjustments are needed, RHEL engineering can convince Fedora it’s good for them too, or make the changes downstream of ELN just as they always have. ELN just allows them to keep rawhide in a more consumable state.

What are your thoughts on Fedora ELN and what are your suggestions in improving it?

I think it’s great, I think the eln-extras proposal is good and will increase/improve things. I’d leave further changes up to the ELN sig.

What else should community members know about you or your positions?

My positions are probibly pretty well known by now, but I think we should try and drive forward as fast as we safely can do so. Fedora has always led the way, and we should keep doing so.
Happy to talk with anyone on my positions on anything.