As you probably know, there is annual convention called Flock. This year’s is happening in Cape Cod, Hyannis, MA and will begin the morning of Tuesday, August 29. Sessions will continue each day until midday on Friday, September 1.

I have asked all of the session leaders from Flock some questions.
And now you are about to read one of the responses.

Fedora i18n by Jens Petersen

What is the goal of your session at Flock?

The Fedora i18n do-session will focus on planning and discussion of priorities for Fedora 28 and 29, and how we can contribute more to upstream and other ongoing Fedora initiatives

How it affects in the project?

Internationalization is critical to Fedora’s international users and ensuring the OS supports input and rendering of global languages and scripts.

What does your talk focus on?

We will review recent i18n work done for F24-F26 and assess current i18n status, receive feedback, and work on plans for features for coming releases.

 Without giving too much away, what can attendees expect to learn or do in your session?

They will be able to influence the direction of Fedora i18n and help clarify our plans.

 Who should attend?

People with an interest in Fedora internationalization.

What do you do in Fedora/how long have you been involved in the project?

I work on Fedora i18n and Haskell.

What attracts you to this type of work or part of the project?

Making sure Fedora is leading technical distribution