All this week, we will be testing for  i18n features in Fedora 27. Those are as follows:

  • Default Chinese Serif Font – Fedora already provides default Chinese Sans fonts, now Fedora 27 will also provide default Chinese Serif fonts
  • Libpinyin 2.1 Enhance the experience of Fedora for Chinese Zhuyin users by speeding up Zhuyin input.
There has been further improvements in features introduced in previous versions of Fedora those are as follows:
  • Emoji typing – n the computing world, it’s rare to have person not know about emoji. Before, it was difficult to type emoji in Fedora. Now, we have an emoji typing feature in Fedora using ibus-typing-booster. We have few emoji fonts in Fedora now.
  • Unicode 10.0.0 – With each release, Unicode introduces new characters and scripts to its encoding standard. We have a good number of additions in Unicode 10.0.0 version. These are mainly few more Emoji characters, Bitcoin symbol (U+20BF), Typicon marks and few symbols in the range of U1F900 to U1F9FF.
  • IBus typing booster Multilingual support –IBus typing booster is now updated in Fedora to provide updated translations, Unicode 10.0.0 support, emoji annotations from CLDR.

Other than this, we also need to make sure all other languages works well specifically input, output, storage and printing.

How to participate

Most of the information is available on the Test Day wiki page. In case of doubts, feel free to send an email to the testing team mailing list.

Though it is a test day, we normally keep it on for the whole week. If you don’t have time tomorrow, feel free to complete it in the coming few days and upload your test results.

Let’s test and make sure this works well for our users!