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Fedora Infrastructure projects in IndiaHacks 2016

Announcing IndiaHacks 2016

IndiaHacks 2016, HackerEarth’s annual flagship event, aims to be the largest global gathering of developers. The event comprises of a series of hackathons and algorithmic challenges across nine different tracks.

Open Source is one of the tracks and aims to encourage open source contributions to various participating organizations. The track follows a model similar to Hacktoberfest, where contributions are measured by accepted pull requests and commits to open source software projects.

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Fedora Infrastructure – Year In Review


The Infrastructure Team consists of dedicated volunteers and professionals managing the servers, building the tools and utilities, and creating new applications to make Fedora development a smoother process. We’re located all over the globe and communicate primarily by IRC and email.

Fedora Infrastructure

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SCaLE 14x (2016) Event Report – Pasadena, California

SCaLE 14x (2016) Event Report

At a Glance: What is SCaLE?

Our Ambassadors in the Field

This report is for the following Ambassadors:

Welcome to SCaLE!

Welcome to SCaLE!

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Mailing List Migrations: Hyperkitty, Mailman3

Fedora <3 Hyperkitty

Hyperkitty is here

The Fedora Engineering team has been working on a new system for our mailing lists. Mailman 3 came out earlier this year and it has a new shiny web UI: Hyperkitty.

The Fedora Hosted lists will be migrated on November 16th, and the Fedora Project lists later in the week. After migration you should be able to use the new Hyperkitty UI to post and read the lists if you choose or continue to get emails in the traditional way.

Changes in headers and other features

There may be some changes in some headers, so if you filter your list emails be ready to adjust your filters. See wiki page below for details:

Some lists using mailman2 features not yet available in mailman3 will be migrated later. More information as well as current lists migrated, being migrated and deferred for migration can be found at:

Hyperkitty migration help

If you have any questions, feel free to ask on the Infrastructure list.

If you find a problem or issue, please file a Fedora Infrastructure ticket and we will work to fix things for your case or bug.

— The Fedora Infrastructure team

Hackfest for regcfp, November 21-22

The regcfp conference software project provides registration, payment, and talk submission features for community conferences. The project is available in Github. It was originally designed for GUADEC, the GNOME users and developers conference. Now a set of new features allow it to serve other conferences, too.

Patrick Uiterwijk from the Fedora Engineering team is currently the principal maintainer. He’s holding a hackfest the weekend of November 21-22, 2015 to help fix issues and add features. The physical hackfest is happening in Karlsruhe, Germany. There will also be connection to the hackfest online.

Since regcfp is not only open source, but also relatively new and uses the popular Node.js, it’s perfect for new contributors. There are a lot of interesting features to add, and issues to work on. So if you have Node.js skill or interest, this is a great way to contribute.

If you’d like to help out, join the #regcfp channel on Freenode IRC during the hackfest. The crew will be happy to have your help.


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