Campaign period extended

The Fedora Elections campaign period has been extended to Monday, December 7th, 23:59:59 UTC.

The Fedora Elections cycle for November/December 2015 is currently in progress and the Nomination period just ended on Tuesday.  Here is a quick visualization for numbers of vacant seats versus the number of nominations received.

Fedora Elections Campaign: Vacant Seats vs Nominations Received

Env & Stacks

Env & Stacks had four open seats, but unfortunately, only two nominations were received. As a result, the Elections for Env & Stacks WG are currently on hold. According to the ongoing discussion here, Env & Stacks WG is probably going to turn into a discussion platform with no need for a steering committee.

Other campaign info

This cycle has seen some diverse nominations from the Fedora Community with nominees from around the globe and lots of first-time nominees (especially for FAmSCo) along with incumbents. Additionally, many past candidates are applying for different seats than they normally hold.

Track the status of Elections here and keeping watching this space for Election Campaigns, including Candidate Interviews and more!

For nominees

If you are a nominee, you have received an individual email asking you to publish answers to questions from the Election Questionnaire (and other information if you choose) on the Fedora Community Blog. If you are a nominee and have not received this mail, please contact bee2502 for FESCo nominees or jkurik for FAmSCo and Council nominees (IRC : #fedora-commops).