Monday, 2018-04-16 is the Fedora 28 Anaconda Test Day!

Why Anaconda Test Day?

Anaconda will be split into several modules that will communicate over DBus. The goal is to introduce a stable way to interact with Anaconda to support its customization, extensibility, and testability. It will be easier to monitor the installation, maintain an install class or an addon, drop some modules or provide your own UI.

This is just the first part of the move towards a modular (DBus) solution. The whole Anaconda logic will not be moved in F28 to modules at once, instead of small parts will be moved to the DBUS modules incrementally.
We would test to make sure that all the functionalities are performing as they should.

It’s also pretty easy to join in: all you’ll need is Fedora 28(which you can grab from the wiki page).

We need your help!

All the instructions are on the wiki page, so please read through and come help us test! As always, the event will be in on#fedora-test-day Freenode IRC.

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