Starting today, Thursday 25 June 2020, the Fedora Magazine community is trying Fedora Discussion — a web forum using Discourse — as the primary communication mechanism.

The forum replaces two previously used communication channels:

  1. The Fedora Magazine mailing list used for general discussion
  2. The Pagure issue tracker used for submitting and discussion new article proposals

Having both of these merged into a single channel makes it easier for community members to see what is going on and join the discussion.

And compared to a mailing list, the forum promises better discoverability and accessibility to newcomers! No need to subscribe to a mailing list and manage a flood of emails. Just go to the Fedora Magazine Discourse forum, and start discussing.

Join the Magazine community!

Do you have ideas about new articles? Do you enjoy writing? Do you want to help others get their work published? Enjoy editing?

Have you just answered yes to any of those questions? Well, lucky you! There is this fantastic community that will help you to do any (or all) of those things!

Just join the discussion on the Fedora Magazine Discourse forum. Feel free to introduce yourself, propose an idea for a new article, or just join any of the ongoing discussions!

Want to do some reading before hand? They have extensive documentation covering the entire Editorial Workflow, information about becoming a writer, and about becoming an editor, too!