Here’s your report of what has happened in Fedora this week. The Nest With Fedora Call for Participation is now open.

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Nest With FedoraThe Internet7-9 Aug 2020open
State of the Source SummitThe Internet9-11 Sep 2020closes 16 July

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Fedora 33


  • 2020-07-21: Proposal deadline for Self-Contained Changes
  • 2020-07-22: Mass rebuild begins
  • 2020-07-22: Spins keepalive deadline

The full schedule is available on Fedorapeople.


CompilerPolicy ChangeSystem-WideFESCo #2409
CMake to do out-of-source buildsSystem-WideFESCo #2411
Distribute .repo files for modular repositories from a separate packageSelf-ContainedFESCo #2412
NSS dbm support removalSelf-ContainedFESCo #2415
LLVM 11System-WideApproved
Use %make_build and %make_install macrosSystem-WideFESCo #2420
Zanata RemovalSystem-WideApproved
The GNU C Library version 2.32System-WideApproved
Automatic RPM dependencies on Python ExtrasSelf-ContainedApproved
Make nano the default editorSystem-WideApproved
Deprecate python-pytomlSelf-ContainedApproved
GHC 8.8 and Haskell Stackage LTS 16Self-ContainedApproved
Make btrfs the default file system for desktop variantsSystem-WideFESCo #2429
NetworkManager keyfile instead of ifcfg-rhSystem-WideFESCo #2432
Cleanup GNOME Hidden Boot Menu IntegrationSystem-WideFESCo #2431
Disable dmraid.service on first run if no dmraid sets are foundSystem-WideFESCo #2433
Remove device-mapper-multipath from the Fedora workstation livecdSystem-WideFESCo #2434
OpenLDAP without Non-threaded LibrariesSystem-WideFESCo #2436
Better Thermal Management for the WorkstationSelf-ContainedFESCo #2437
Make the unversioned %{__python} macro error by defaultSelf-ContainedFESCo #2438
Enable EarlyOOM on Fedora KDESelf-ContainedFESCo #2435
IBus 1.5.23System-WideFESCo #2349
Patches in Forge macros – Auto macros – Detached rpm changelogsSystem-WideFESCo #2440
Introduce Storage Instantiation DaemonSystem-WideFESCo #2442
FlexiBLAS as BLAS/LAPACK managerSystem-WideFESCo #2443
Support PARSECSelf-ContainedAnnounced
PostgreSQL 13Self-ContainedAnnounced
Policy for Modules in Fedora and Fedora ELNSelf-ContainedAnnounced
Golang 1.15System-WideAnnounced
Reserve resources for active users (Workstation)Self-ContainedAnnounced Utility DeaggregationSelf-ContainedAnnounced

Fedora 34


NSS CK_GCM_PARAMS changeSystem-WideFESCo #2400
RPM-level auto release and changelog bumpingSystem-WideFESCo #2441
Binutils 2.35System-WideApproved

Changes approved, rejected, or withdrawn will be removed from this table the next week. See the ChangeSet page for a full list of approved changes.

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