The Fedora Diversity & Inclusion Team is working on a new set of best practices and guidelines for Fedora-organized events. The team is looking for feedback from the wider Fedora community, both remote and in-person at the upcoming Flock 2018 conference.

What are the Fedora event guidelines?

Fedora event guidelines are a set of practices to help foster inclusion and grow diversity in Fedora-organized events. We value the participation and involvement of all people – speakers, attendees, and volunteers alike. Everyone can have different challenges or circumstances that affect their ability to participate in an event. Through these guidelines, we want to ensure that we think about the challenges of each and every person. It enables us to work toward helping all people to fully participate, and feel welcomed and comfortable.

The guidelines include a lot of practices that will help everyone to attend a Fedora event comfortably. Challenges can include anything like physical challenges, dietary restrictions, or personal problems that restrict their ability to attend an event freely and take full advantage of it. Following these guidelines intends to enhance diversity and inclusion practices in Fedora-organized events.

While we don’t anticipate organizers to meet all suggestions, the goal is for these guidelines to be a collection of best practices for event organizers to follow when possible. Ultimately, the event guidelines contain ways of implementation and ideas to maximize the gains achieved out of these guidelines.

Why we need feedback

The Fedora Diversity & Inclusion Team proposed these guidelines to help Fedora-organized events be more inclusive and welcoming, but the team is a small group. As our events attract a wide range of people from all over the world, we want to make sure that our event guidelines are representative of unique needs and accommodations. We need more ideas and feedback from everyone to make our guidelines better in terms of impact, implementation, and indulgence. We want to involve the Fedora contributor community and attendees of our events to provide feedback because these guidelines have been designed to be used by all of us.

Thus, we ask for your help (yes, you!) to bridge the gap and help the Fedora Diversity & Inclusion Team in this mission.

Meet at Flock or review the doc

If you will attend the Flock to Fedora conference this week in Dresden, Germany, visit the Diversity & Inclusion team sprint on Saturday, August 11, 2018 between 9:00am and 12:20pm. We plan to collect feedback and work on improving the event guidelines during the conference.

If you are unable to attend Flock, review the event guidelines by viewing this document. Comments are enabled, so you can leave feedback or join the conversation on existing comments too.

We appreciate your time and effort to review the event guidelines and add your perspective to the current draft.