As you probably know, there is annual convention called Flock. This year’s is happening in Cape Cod, Hyannis, MA and will begin the morning of Tuesday, August 29. Sessions will continue each day until midday on Friday, September 1.

I have asked all of the session leaders from Flock some questions.

And now you are about to read one of the responses.

Build Your Own Fedorator by David Labský

What is the goal of your session at Flock?

We will build devices called Fedorators. Those are DIY Raspberry Pi-based boxes which allow you to put Fedora onto USB flash drives and more. We’ll also hold a short sprint focused on adding features such as Twitter or Fedora Badges integration!

Who should attend?

Fedora ambassadors interested in the Fedorator and the future of Fedora booths. Of course anybody else can stop by too!

What does it affect in the project?

The Fedorators will be used on Fedora booths at tech conferences and trade shows. They’re a unique and bright element that will have an impact.


What do you do in Fedora/how long have you been involved in the project?

I’ve been using Fedora for years and started getting involved more last year. Besides the Fedorator I do small tasks that help with packaging Python, and I sit on IRC trying to help when I can!

What attracts you to this type of work or part of the project?

I’ve always been interested in hardware and creating your own solutions. It’s tremendously exciting to have something you conceive come to reality, especially when you see other people finding it neat or useful later!