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OpenSource 101virtual29 Marcloses 4 Feb
javascript & friendsColumbus, OH, US29 Julcloses 13 Feb
LeadDev LondonLondon, UK7–8 Juncloses 14 Feb
Open Source NorthSt. Paul, MN, US24 Maycloses 25 Feb
RailsConfPortland, OR, US & virtual17–19 Maycloses 28 Feb
JavaCroProljeće, HR15–17 Maycloses 28 Feb
app.js confKraków, PL8–10 Juncloses 28 Feb
Open Source Summit NAAustin, TX, US & virtual21–24 Juncloses 14 March
openSUSE ConferenceNuremberg, DE2–4 Juncloses 14 Apr
DevConf.USBoston, MA18–20 Augcloses 15 Apr
Container DaysHamburg, DE & virtual5–7 Sepcloses 30 Apr
Open Source Summit EuropeDublin, IE & virtual13–16 Sepcloses 30 May

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Prioritized Bugs

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F36 (rawhide)8068

Fedora Linux 36


  • 2022-02-08 — F36 branches from Rawhide; Rawhide begins F37 development
  • 2022-02-08 — Code completion (testable) deadline
  • 2022-02-22 — Code completion (100% complete) deadline, Beta freeze begins
  • 2022-03-15 — Beta release early target date


The table below lists proposed Changes. See the ChangeSet page or Bugzilla for information on approved Changes.

Make Rescue Mode Work With Locked RootSystem-WideFESCo #2713
GNU Toolchain UpdateSystem-WideFESCo #2750
Ruby on Rails 7.0Self-ContainedApproved
Wayland by Default for SDDMSelf-ContainedApproved
Authselect: Require explicit opt-outSelf-ContainedFESCo #2741
Silverblue and Kinoite will have /var on its own Btrfs subvolumeSelf-ContainedFESCo #2742
Cockpit File SharingSelf-ContainedApproved
Podman 4.0Self-ContainedFESCo #2749

Fedora Linux 37

The table below lists proposed Changes. See the ChangeSet page or Bugzilla for information on approved Changes.

Python Dist RPM provides to only provide PEP503-normalized namesSelf-ContainedFESCo #2746
Enable fs-verity in RPMSystem-WideFESCo #2711
DIGLIMSystem-WideFESCo #2721
MinGW UCRT targetSelf-ContainedAnnounced
MinGW OpenSSL 3.x updateSelf-ContainedAnnounced


Have something you want included? You can file an issue or submit a pull request in the fedora-pgm/pgm_communication repo.