The Mindshare Committee held a face-to-face spread over two days, June 7th & 14th. We met for a total of four hours, spending half our time on discussion and half playing GeoGuessr. We discussed topics such as new logo swag and what we want to do at Nest. We also got a sneak peak at the Community Survey results. Another goal of the F2F was to actually see each others faces and spend a bit of time out of IRC hanging out with each other. In a pre-COVID world, we definitely would have met up a couple times already—we miss each other!

June 7th – Agenda

Welcome & hellos

  • Do we want to record the F2F?
    • If answer is yes, do we wanted to upload it ?
    • Decided: No, we will write up a read out for the Community Blog

Today’s participants:

  • Marie Nordin
  • Onuralp SEZER
  • Till Maas
  • Petr Bokoc
  • Maria “tatica” Leandro
  • Alberto Rodriguez S.
  • Nick Bebout

Committee Seat Changes

Goodbye, Tatica!

Welcome, Onuralp!

Updates on the Community Outreach Revamp

  • I (Marie) meet with the co-leads weekly to coordinate and work
  • Role Handbooks
    • Work in progress, there are many pieces to incorporate
  • Inclusion in Community Survey
    • We developed and included questions in the new Community Survey
  • Outreachy Design Intern: Dhairya
  • Working on resolving Mindshare tickets
    • We are reviewing the Mindshare pagure repo to ensure we are addressing all of the issues raised there regarding community outreach. We were able to close 6 tickets, and we are working on incorporating/closing out 4 more.
    • Still working to resolve:,,,
  • OpenSUSE & Community Central presentations coming up
  • When will the ambassador/advocate program re-open?
    • This is a great question, bring to co-leads & add to next blog post

Mindshare at Nest

    • We should come up with a one-liner for what Mindshare practically does
    • Educational presentation
    • Write up proposal for CfP
      • #action riecatnor
    • To do:
      • CfP proposal
      • Presentation outline
      • Slides
      • Practice session, one a week or two before nest

Guadec Sponsorship

  • We think this is a good idea, bronze level sponsorship
    • Change “Advertising on Jobs Board” in favor of “Dedicated office hours during event”
  • How can we measure if we made an impact?
    • How much we see on social media
    • Do we see an increase in activity in the project or areas of the project?
    • Fedora Join idea, add in a question “where did you hear/why did you join fedora?”

Podcast Password Management

  • Seems like a lot for a small need
  • This could be done with gpg
    • Nick & Marie will comment

June 14th – Agenda

Welcome & hellos

Today’s participants:

  • Marie Nordin
  • Onuralp Osezer
  • Vipul Siddharth
  • Alberto Rodriguez
  • Máirín Duffy
  • Till Maas

Community Survey Results Preview

  • Contributor Survey
    • 634 full responses so far
    • 925 full/initiated responses
    • We think the banners really improved the rate of responses, and we want to ensure there is documentation for adding banners to the various websites
    • We see that Mindshare Committee functionality is not as visible as we would like based on responses to some of the Community Engagement questions

Translations Reviews

  • What is the best method to get reviews on translations?
    • po files method is what is used for the coloring books
    • svg/xml, put in repo, run the script, send the link to the translator list
      • pull requests allow for more accurate reviews
    • Put the main SVG asset in its own repo on GitHub / GitLab
    • Set up GitHub Actions / GitLab equivalent to built PDF / PNG preview of asset
    • Allow translators to clone repo and submit translated version of SVG file (translating in the SVG XML directly via text editor) with _LANGCODE as filename (e.g., flyer.svg => flyer_jaJP.svg or flyer_ptBR.svg)
    • Translators file pull request to submit their translated SVG file up to repo
    • Link Fedora translation teams to the pull request link, which will allow them to approve and/or provide inline comments on the translation

New Logo, New Swag