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Fedora Contributor Annual Survey Data Set Available

Over the summer of 2021, the Fedora Council held the first annual Contributor Survey. The survey received 800 complete responses, which exceeded the goal of 500. We have processed the data, which are available for download.

Coordination of the survey was a wonderful community effort. Fedora Council member Aleksandra Fedorova proposed and led the survey effort with support from Marie Nordin (FCAIC). Many teams across the Fedora Project contributed, including: the Mindshare Committee, the Outreach Revamp Team, the Design Team, the Websites & Apps Team, and the Community Platform Engineering Team. Aleksandra and Marie presented a session at Nest with Fedora which goes further into the process and outcomes.

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Upcoming Mindshare Committee Election: What to know

We released Fedora Linux 35 and that means it’s time for the elections for various governing bodies in Fedora. This includes the Mindshare Committee. One seat is open on the Committee this election to serve two release cycles (one year). We invite you to vote in the upcoming Mindshare Committee election, and even run for the seat if you are inspired! Participating on the Mindshare Committee takes 1-3 hours weekly, as well as the expectation that you will attend any face-to-faces (virtual or in-person) if possible. This is an opportunity to support the Fedora Project in an organizational capacity, and you don’t need a lot of experience. Each Fedoran’s perspective is valuable to the work that Mindshare does. We would love to have you be a part of the Committee.

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Join us at the Fedora Linux 35 Release Party!

As we test the Beta release of Fedora Linux 35, I am pleased to announce we will celebrate the final release of Fedora Linux 35 with a virtual Release Party. Please register on Hopin and join us on November 12th & 13th for a short program of informational sessions and social activities. Make sure to save the dates, share the registration, and show up for Fedora Friends & Fun!

Informational sessions will feature updates about GNOME, our new Element instance, and a bunch more current community activities. Fedora Project Leader Matthew Miller will also be giving his “35 Releases in 30 Minutes” talk. Last, but certainly not least, we will be hanging out in the Fedora Museum WorkAdventure for our Hallway track. Thanks to our amazing community for all your contributions to the latest release of Fedora Linux. Let’s party!

Fedora Stories: Fedora Week of Diversity is here!

Fedora’s Diversity & Inclusion Team determined in the spring of 2021 at a virtual meetup to evolve our yearly “Fedora Women’s Day” event to the “Fedora Week of Diversity”. Fedora Week of Diversity runs October 3–9th and features a series of interviews with community members telling their Fedora stories. We also started a Recommended Resources page in the D&I Team Docs that we will continue to improve upon. Last, but not least, we (finally) published the videos from Fedora Women’s Day 2020 to the Fedora YouTube channel. This week will be full of highlights from this content to showcase Fedora’s diversity!

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Nest With Fedora 2021 recordings now available!

I am happy to announce the recordings for Nest With Fedora are now up on the Fedora YouTube channel. You can search for the ones you want or watch the whole playlist! There are 56 videos to peruse full of Fedora information and friends! Nest with Fedora 2021 was another huge virtual event success for our community. The event garnered 900+ registrations with an 81% turnout (4% above industry standard). This is almost double our numbers from Nest in 2020. A huge welcome to all the newcomers. We are so glad you are part of the Fedora community!

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Nest with Fedora: Thanks to our Sponsors!

Fedora’s annual contributor conference Nest with Fedora is this week: August 5th–7th. Even with the virtual format, we are so excited to see everyone together! Free registration for Nest with Fedora is still open and you can check out the schedule in the wiki. Nest with Fedora is made possible by funding from our sponsors. Their assistance brings us everything from the conference platform to promotion to swag.

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Community Outreach Revamp @ Nest: Docs session

The force behind the Fedora Community Outreach Revamp Objective is organizing a hackfest type documentation session for Nest with Fedora. The main goals of the session will be updating/reviewing/pushing new documentation for the various outreach teams to Docs. The co-leads for this effort and myself would like raise awareness and also invite the community to join us at Nest this year. If you are interested in what we are up to or joining us for the session, read on!

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Update: Nest with Fedora CfP & Registration Open

Hi folks, here with another update on Nest with Fedora 2021. As I wrote about in my last post the CfP is open here until July 16th, but don’t wait, submit now! *Edit* The CfP deadline has been extended to July 23rd. In other exciting news, registration for Nest is now open here. Make sure to remind your Fedora friends and pass the registration on in your Fedora channels.

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Fedora Linux 34 Release Party videos available now

The Fedora Project had a successful Fedora Linux 34 Release Party on April 30th & May 1st, 2021. The Release Party had nearly 500 registrations with a 78% turnout rate, which is above Hopin’s calculated industry average. As promised, the Mindshare Committee wrapped up the video editing: the recordings of the sessions are now up on Youtube as a playlist for your perusal. Feel free to share this series of videos on the latest and greatest in the Fedora community!

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Mindshare Committee F2F Readout

The Mindshare Committee held a face-to-face spread over two days, June 7th & 14th. We met for a total of four hours, spending half our time on discussion and half playing GeoGuessr. We discussed topics such as new logo swag and what we want to do at Nest. We also got a sneak peak at the Community Survey results. Another goal of the F2F was to actually see each others faces and spend a bit of time out of IRC hanging out with each other. In a pre-COVID world, we definitely would have met up a couple times already—we miss each other!

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