The Fedora Project is participating in the upcoming round of Outreachy  as a mentoring organization and is looking for project ideas and mentors.  Outreachy provides three-month internships for people from groups traditionally underrepresented in tech. Interns could be university students, technical school graduates, people switching careers, or people coming back to tech after starting a family or another long absence.  Interns work remotely with mentors on projects ranging from programming, user experience, documentation, illustration and graphical design, to data science.

Submit an idea for Outreachy 2017

Every idea or project needs one or two responsible mentors to teach and help the intern.  Please note that Outreachy applicants are expected to make a first contribution to the project they are applying for so mentors need to have proper tasks defined for applicants to work on. Mentors should be able to commit at least 5 hours a week on most weeks from the beginning of the six-week application period (late September) through the end of the three-month internship (early March). You should have a real interest in their success and be engaged and excited about the project. Take a look at the Outreachy Info for Mentors for more information.

Former Outreachy mentors and interns from various communities and projects

Outreachy coordinators with former interns from various communities and projects. (CC-BY-NC-SA Sarah Sharp)

To become a mentor, come up with an idea or project to help the intern with. It should be completed in about three months. You can take a look at other ideas submitted for this year and find more information on our  wiki page for upcoming Outreachy round. Mentors can add their project ideas for the upcoming round here. The deadline for proposing project ideas for upcoming round is September 15.

Past Outreachy interns with Fedora have worked on a variety of projects including but not limited to Fedora Hubs Design, PatternFly web development and Kernel Tools.

Need help?

If you have any questions, you are welcome to ask our Admins or Supporting Mentors available either on our IRC channel #fedora-outreachy or via our mailing list

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