The Fedora Project is participating in the upcoming round of Outreachy. We need more project ideas and mentors! The last day to propose a project or to apply as a general mentor is February 24, 2023, at 4pm UTC.

Outreachy provides a unique opportunity for underrepresented groups to gain valuable experience in open-source and gain access to a supportive community of mentors and peers. By participating in this program, the Fedora community can help create a more diverse and inclusive tech community.

If you have a project idea for the upcoming round of Outreachy, please open a ticket in the mentored projects repository. You can also volunteer to be a mentor for a project that’s not yours. As a supporting mentor, you will guide interns through the completion of the project.

A good project proposal makes all the difference. It saves time for both the mentors and the applicants.

What makes a good project proposal

  • Well-defined. The project has a well-defined scope.
  • Self-contained. Has few dependencies on uncompleted work. Does not require interacting with multiple open source communities who are not on board with interacting with an Outreachy intern.
  • Incremental. The project should produce several deliverables during the internship period, rather than having only one large deliverable. This allows the project goals to be modified if the intern completes tasks faster or slower than expected. If the project does have one large deliverable, it’s recommended that the intern complete a design document. This allows the intern to hand off unfinished work to the next intern, or the community.

The Mentored Projects Coordinators will review your ideas and help you prep your project proposal to be submitted to Outreachy.

How to participate

Project Mentor

Signing up as a mentor is a commitment. Before signing up, please consider the following

  • Do you have enough time to work on this with the intern during the entire timeline?
    • Committing to 5-10 hours a week during the six-week application period to review applicant contributions
    • Committing up to 5 hours a week during the three-month internship period to work with the Outreachy intern
  • It is harder to find success when you are completely certain of how an idea needs to be implemented. Finding an intern with the skills and interest to implement a specific solution is a lot harder. Instead, the goal should be to focus on finding an intern with enough skills to respond to a use case need.
  • Who can help you? Try to find a second mentor for the project. Not only can they bring a new perspective, but in case you decide to go on a vacation, they will be the backup.

Please read through the mentor-faq page from Outreachy.

General Mentor

We are also looking for general mentors for the facilitation of proper communication of feedback and evaluation with the interns working on the selected projects.

Submit your proposals

Please submit your project ideas and mentorship availability as soon as possible. The last date for project idea submission is February 24, 2023

Mentoring can be a fulfilling pursuit. It is a great opportunity to contribute to the community and shape the future of Fedora by mentoring a talented intern who will work on your project. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to make a difference in the Fedora community and the tech industry as a whole. Together, we can make the open-source community even more diverse and inclusive.