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Backwards-incompatible changes in Bodhi

The 6.0 release of Bodhi — Fedora’s update gating system — will be published in a few days. We will deploy it to production a couple weeks after the Fedora release. It includes backwards-incompatible changes. Here’s what you need to know.

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How Fedora and Outreachy Helped Me Hone My Flexibility With Timelines

Update: I’m in the seventh week of my Outreachy internship with Fedora! I am working to create a GraphQL API for Bodhi. The following image shows a Gantt chart of the ideal timeline that my mentors and I came up with to get the project up and running:

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Outreachy with Fedora’s Bodhi Project

Here, I express my hitherto educative, fun, and exciting experience as an Outreachy intern.

About the Project

The aim of the project is to provide a /graphql endpoint to Bodhi, Fedora’s update gating system. This would allow users to query through Bodhi’s resources using GraphQL.

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Introducing: fedora-update-feedback

I was recently able to finally finish my Rust bindings for the Bodhi REST API. And since fedora-easy-karma is still unable to submit feedback from the terminal, I thought I could put the new Bodhi bindings to good use, and implement an alternative. Enter: fedora-update-feedback.

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Rawhide package gating — phase I begins

On July 25th we will turn on the first phase of Rawhide package gating: single build updates. In a later phase, Rawhide updates that contain multiple builds will also be enabled for gating. Our goal is to improve our ability to continuously turn out a useful Fedora OS. So we hope and expect to get opt-in from as many Fedora package maintainers as possible, including maintainers of the base OS. But this phase of gating remains opt-in, and should not affect packagers who choose for now not to opt in.

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Bodhi is getting ready for rawhide gating

For a couple of months, part of the Community Platform Engineering (CPE) team has been focusing on making the changes needed in Bodhi to enable the rawhide gating change proposal.

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Bodhi: 2017 Year in Review

2017 was a busy year for the Bodhi project. This post explains a bit about what Bodhi does, highlights, and goals for 2018.

Wait, what is Bodhi?

Bodhi is designed to democratize the package update testing and release process for RPM-based Linux distributions. It provides an interface for developers to propose updates to a distribution, and an interface for testers to leave feedback about updates through a +1/-1 karma system.

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What I have found interesting in Fedora during the week 40 of 2017

Interesting events or issues I was involved in or I noticed in the Fedora project and community which happened during the last week:

Fedora 27 Beta Release

On Tuesday October 3rd, we have released the F27 Beta Release. For more information please check the Announcement. To download the Beta please go to GetFedora page.

Fedora 27 Beta Freeze is over

As a subsequent step after the F27 Beta release, the freeze applied on updates has been lifted. The Final freeze is planned on October 17th.  For more information please check the F27 Schedule.

A new “batched” state in Bodhi

Randy Barlow has announced a new state implemented in Bodhi called “batched”. The purpose of this state is to have a state for packages waiting for weekly batch update push.  This will help in gating of updates if needed, so we might have a choice on planning of updates.

“What can I do for Fedora” is back

Thanks to Ralph and Patrick we have back the “What can I do for Fedora” application.  Anyone, interested in helping with Fedora, can now find some work more easily.

And of course, the list above is not exhaustive and there is much more going on in Fedora community. The list above just summarizing some tasks which has drawn my attention.

Heroes of Fedora (HoF) – F26 Alpha

Hello and welcome to this issue of Heroes of Fedora focused on Fedora 26 Alpha release! The purpose of Heroes of Fedora is to provide a summation of testing activity on each milestone release of Fedora. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

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Another way to push package updates to stable in Fedora Bodhi

This article was originally published on Trishna Guha’s blog,

Bodhi is a web application that facilates the process of publishing package updates of Fedora. Once a package is submitted to Bodhi it goes through various stages: Pending, Testing, Stable, Obsolete. The details can be found here Package States.Fedora Bodhi Update System

There exist two types of policies in Bodhi, using any of them maintainers can publish their package updates (Pushing updates to Stable from Testing). Updates Policy documentation: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Updates_Policy

Updates Policy in Bodhi:

  • Manually push to stable based on time :
    • Auto-karma is disabled.
    • Update spends 14 days in testing.
    • Maintainer pushes the update to stable manually.
  • Automatic push  to stable based on karma :
    • Auto-karma is enabled.
    • Stable Karma threshold is reached.
    • The update is pushed to stable automatically.

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