The Community Platform Engineering (CPE) team and community contributors began building our new Fedora Account System (FAS) application system on the 8th of January 2020 and completed the first two-week sprint on the 21st of January 2020.

Sprint one

This sprint focused on foundational (user stories) tasks to set the stage for our development sprints. Within this sprint the team and contributors made great progress completing many foundational (user stories) tasks. These included:

Unfortunately, we could not complete 5 tasks due to dependencies we didn’t capture at sprint planning and user stories initially estimated as Medium (10 hours) actually being Large (15 hours), we will take these as learnings allowing us to identify these in our next couple of sprints.

These included: 

These user stories (tasks) have been carried into sprint two along with user stories (tasks) noted below:

Sprint two

Sprint two began on the 22nd of January with completion and review due on the 4th of February. It is important to note that during sprint two, a lot of team members traveled to Brno for DevConf and face-to-face team meetings, so we may not meet our commitment of all user stories being completed for our review, but we will try our very best to do so.

We welcome all feedback and thoughts as we progress through this project, please feel free to comment on any issue to log your thoughts.

  • For more information regarding outstanding issues, please see here.
  • To view our current scrum board, please see here.

We have just completed sprint two review and have prioritized our backlog for sprint three, and we will include this detail in the CPE Weekly emails – and the next blog post!

Please reach out to us on our IRC channel (#fedora-aaa) if you have any questions, and links to our GitHub page are listed above.