Calling Mentors for Google Code-in 2019

What’s GCI?

Google Code-in (GCI) is an annual programming competition hosted by Google Inc. that allows pre-university students to complete tasks specified by various, partnering open source organizations. The contest was originally the Google Highly Open Participation Contest, but in 2010, the format was modified into its current state. Students that complete tasks win certificates and T-shirts. Each organization also selects two grand prize award winners who will earn a trip to Google’s Headquarters located in Mountain View, California.

Call for Action

Fedora has been participating in GCI since last year and this year Fedora is applying to be a participating Org. We are currently calling for mentors.
To select mentors, we will have come up with a form by October 7th.
If you have any questions, feel free to ping Vipul Siddharth or Sumantro Mukherjee

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  1. Hi, I’m interested to participate as a mentor. If there’s still opening, please contact me. I’ll be happy to contribute to this organisation.

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