If you’ve attended a Release Readiness Meeting in the last few years, you’ve noticed that there’s a lot of me asking for an update from a team and getting no response. This makes the meeting a lot less valuable for the project and for the people who attend. And because the Release Readiness Meeting is held after the first Go/No-Go meeting, there’s not much chance to fix unready issues. Let’s make this better.

For Fedora 32, I’m changing the process a bit. Instead of waiting until an IRC meeting days before the release target, let’s start giving readiness updates sooner. I created a Release Readiness wiki page where teams can self-update asynchronously. If you’re representing a team in Fedora, you can start updating this now.

This gives us time to address issues. Each week, I’ll include updates in the weekly program update and I can send reminder emails to the team representatives.

The release readiness meeting will still happen, but it will be shorter and should be primarily to check that there are no last-minute status changes. With this change, we should be able to communicate across the project better and make sure we’re all ready to go when the release is.