The results are in! The Fedora Elections for the F23 release cycle of FESCo, FAmSCo, and the Council concluded on Tuesday,  December 15th. The results are posted on the Fedora Voting Application and announced on the mailing lists. You can also find the full list of winning candidates below. Taking inspiration from Pingou‘s blog post “FESCo vote history“,  I would also like to share some interesting statistics in this 2015 Elections Retrospective.

2015 Elections Retrospective Report

In short, voter turnout has improved in all races, and while no records have been broken, the numbers are back to our typical higher levels. A direct correlation was seen between days when we advertised voting and our most active voting days. Incumbency was a big factor in each race (all incumbent candidates were re-elected) and voters showed confidence in the candidates who were previous position-holders.

Fedora Engineering Steering Committee (FESCo)

We had five vacant seats and seven nominations for the F23 cycle, with 280 voters casting their votes.

FESCo Winning Candidate Votes
Kevin Fenzi (nirik / kevin) [info] 1426
Adam Miller (maxamillion) [info] 1053
Jared Smith (jsmith) [info] 1028
Kalev Lember (kalev) [info] 675
Parag Nemade (paragn) [info] 669

Compared to the historical data, we were quite successful in the number of people who voted for their FESCo candidates. With 280 voters, we are well above the average of 213 voters.

2015 Elections Retrospective: FESCo Elections participation

The statistics showing how many people voted each day during the voting period is also quite interesting.

2015 Elections Retrospective: FESCo Voters per Day

It seems like complaints about missing reminders sent to the community during the voting period during June 2015 were justified. For this Election, we sent reminders on the first, fourth, and last day of the voting period, which is clearly reflected in the charts.

Out of the five elected nominees, two (nirik and paragn) have been elected for a repeat term and one elected nominee has been a past FESCo member (kalev). All incumbent nominees, or those who have previously held positions in FESCo / FAmSCo / Council have also been re-elected.

You can find some more FESCo Elections related metrics here.

Fedora Council

We had one vacant seat and two nominations for the F23 cycle, with 237 voters casting their votes.

Council Winning Candidate Votes
Robert Mayr (robyduck) [info] 325

The Fedora Council came into existence in November 2014, and hence, we do not have much previous data.  Comparing the only Council election on record in November 2014 (with 192 voters), this December 2015 cycle saw 237 voters.

Historically, before there was a Council, there was a Board, and bee2502 did a comparison between voter turnout for the Fedora Board elections vs Council Elections. With 237 voters, the numbers seem to be back.

2015 Elections Retrospective: Board / Council Elections participants

The profile for number of voters per day was similar to the one we saw for FESCo.

2015 Elections Retrospective: Council Voters per Day

robyduck will be joining Council for a fresh term this cycle. All incumbent nominees (none for Council) or those who have previously held positions in FESCo / FAmSCo / Council (robyduck for FAmSCo) have been elected.

You can find some more Council Election related metrics here.

Fedora Ambassador Steering Committee (FAmSCo)

We had seven vacant seats and eleven nominations for the F23 cycle, with 222 voters casting their votes.

FAmSCo Winning Candidate Votes
Christoph Wickert (cwickert) [info] 1442
Sirko Kemter (gnokii) [info] 858
Truong Anh Tuan (tuanta) [info] 846
Abdel G. Martínez L. (potty) [info] 796
Gabriele Trombini (mailga) [info] 767
Luis Bazan (lbazan) [info] 746
Giannis Konstantinidis (giannisk) [info] 690

I do not want to do any comparisons for FAmSCo this round, as we currently have FAmSCo in a “special mode,” focusing mostly on transitioning over to FOSCo. However, you can find historical FAmSCo Elections related metrics here.

Out of the seven elected nominees, three (lbazan, tuanta, and cwickert) have been elected for a repeat term.  All incumbent nominees or those who have previously held positions in FESCo / FAmSCo / Council have been elected.

Special Thanks

Congratulations to the winning candidates, and thank you to all the candidates who ran this election! Community governance is core to the Fedora Project, and we couldn’t do it without your involvement and support.

A special thanks to jkurik, bee2502, jflory7, decause, and the members of the CommOps Team for helping organize another successful round of Elections!
And last but not least, thank YOU to all the Fedora community members who participated and voted this election cycle. Stay tuned for future Elections Retrospective articles for future Elections!