The Fedora Council is considering a new policy to define Community Publishing Platforms. It provides a loose framework of how moderation is handled in cases that involve the Fedora Trademark. The policy as proposed by Justin W. Flory, with edits from the Fedora Council, is found in Fedora-Council/council-docs#67.

This policy proposal was written in response to community discussions in March 2020. The reasoning behind the way this proposal was crafted is below:

  • It makes clear how the Fedora Council looks at public social media channels and publishing platforms where the Fedora trademark is used.
  • It provides examples of what a Community Publishing Platform is (e.g. Community Blog, Fedora Planet, and specific social media accounts).
  • It protects the Fedora trademark when it is used in contexts where the Vision, Mission, and Method of the Fedora Project are not upheld.

Please discuss this on the council-discuss mailing list thread. Per the Council policy change policy, this will be submitted for a Council vote in two weeks.