The Call For Participation is now open for the Distribution Devroom at the upcoming FOSDEM 2022, to be hosted virtually on February 6th.

We welcome submissions targeted at contributors interested in issues unique to distributions, especially in the following topics:

Focus Areas

  • The ways distribution technologies can be leveraged allowing easier creation of a multi-verse of artifacts from single source trees. This includes the increasing move toward self-contained applications and providing multiple non-parallel installed versions of software.
  • Efforts being made in shared environments around Build/Test/Release cycles.
  • Topics related to the delivery problem as it impacts updates in terms of both size and rollback/reliability are expected to be featured.

We have more topic ideas and important instructions in the original CFP email.
Thank you and we are looking forward to having Fedora’s presence at FOSDEM, and at the Distributions Devroom!

– On behalf of Distribution Devroom managers