The results are in! The Fedora Elections for the Fedora 24 release cycle of FESCo and the Council concluded on Tuesday, July 26th. The results are posted on the Fedora Voting Application and announced on the mailing lists. You can also find the full list of winning candidates below. I would also like to share some interesting statistics in this July 2016 Elections Retrospective.

2016 Elections Retrospective Report

In short, voter turnout is approximately on its average level (well, slightly below).

Fedora Engineering Steering Committee (FESCo)

We had four vacant seats and five nominations for the F24 cycle, with 196 voters casting their votes.

FESCo Winning Candidates Votes
Stephen Gallagher (sgallagh) [info] 655
Josh Boyer (jwb/jwboyer) [info] 619
Dennis Gilmore (dgilmore/ausil) [info] 557
Dominik Mierzejewski (rathann) [info] 474

Compared to the historical data, with 196 voters, we are slightly bellow the average of 213 voters, which seems to understandable due to the fact we are in the middle of the vacations season.

Fedora Project Elections Retrospective, July 2016

The statistics showing how many people voted each day during the voting period is also quite interesting.

Fedora Project Elections Retrospective, July 2016

For this Election, we sent reminders on the first, fourth, and last day of the voting period, which is reflected in the charts as an increase of voters comparing to a day before the reminder.

Out of the four elected nominees, three (sgallagh, jwboyer and dgilmore) have been elected for a repeat term. One elected nominee (rathann) has been elected for the first time (AFAIK).

Fedora Council

We had one vacant seat and two nominations for the Fedora 24 cycle, with 189 voters casting their votes.

Council Winning Candidate Votes
Langdon White (langdon) [info] 240

The Fedora Council came into existence in November 2014, and hence, we do not have much previous data. Historically, before there was a Council, there was a Board. On the chart below you can see the comparison between voter turnout for the Fedora Board elections vs Council Elections. The average voters turnout for Council & Board elections is 221, and for Council only is the average 206.

Fedora Project Elections Retrospective, July 2016

The profile for number of voters per day was similar to the one we saw for FESCo.

Fedora Project Elections Retrospective, July 2016

Langdon have been elected for a repeat term and will stay within Council at least for the next two release cycles.

You can find some more Council Election related metrics here.

Special Thanks

Congratulations to the winning candidates, and thank you to all the candidates who ran this election! Community governance is core to the Fedora Project, and we couldn’t do it without your involvement and support.

A special thanks to jflory7 and the members of the CommOps Team for helping organize another successful round of Elections!

And last but not least, thank YOU to all the Fedora community members who participated and voted this election cycle. Stay tuned for future Elections Retrospective articles for future Elections!