As 2018 is in full session now, people, companies and organizations are taking stock not only of what’s worked during the past year, but of budding trends and approaches to handling daily business. We also can let this chance pass by knowing that it could help us in our undertakings this year.

All through 2017, the Fedora community in the EMEA region was active promoting Fedora in local events especially at the release party. It was a joy to read out the event reports.

Key Highlights

Fedora Women Day 2017

Photo credit: Bara Bühnová

Photo credit: Bara Bühnová

The Fedora Women Day aims to inspire, educate and connect women and people from underrepresented communities interested in open source software, including Fedora Project. Join us for presentations; information and discussions about contributing to open source and Fedora, career opportunities in open source and how to pursue them; and networking opportunities including connecting with female contributors in open source communities.

By and large the were a few in the region.


FOSDEM is a two-day event organised by volunteers to promote the widespread use of free and open source software. Taking place in the beautiful city of Brussels (Belgium), FOSDEM is widely recognised as the largest such conference in Europe.

It was a very busy conference. This edition featured 610 speakers, 669 events, and 55 tracks (24 speakers from Fedora). During the event, the live streaming page updated every few minutes to show you what was currently scheduled in each room.

Find Fedora at FOSDEM 2017!

Notable mention: The sponsors, volunteers, planners in fact everyone who made it there is a winner.

PyCon SK 2017: Fedora was there!

PyCon SK 2017 is a community-organized conference for the Python programming language. After successful organization in more than 40 countries, PyCon was in Slovakia in 2016. Second PyCon SK was be held in Bratislava from the  10th to the 12th March, 2017. In short: it was a success.

Fedora was at PyCon SK 2017

Notable mention: Jona Azizaj. You are just awesome!

Top Goals for 2018

  1. More events in African region: Apart from release events, there was little to no action on the ‘major’ event front for us. Ambassadors on the continent need to link up with EMEA.
  2. Encourage report writing: So we have something to fall back on and relive the moments and lessons.
  3. Better tracking of basic metrics: For example, involvement within the community, and a wiki page for things data.


In wrapping up, much has been done and there’s still much to do, so this is a call to all of us to put in more, step up from 2017 and let’s get it done. I want to thank every Ambassador in the region. Special mentions to Mitzelos, Nemanja, Sylvia, Jona, Justin, Giannis, Jiri, Hax, Rhea, Miro, and every event owner and volunteer.

PS: See you all at the next ambassadors meeting!