A couple weeks ago the Fedora Community Outreach Revamp(FCOR) team announced that we will be organizing a Ambassador Call Kick-off and collected feedback about availability. Based on the results from the whenisgood, we are excited to invite you to the Ambassador Call Kick-Off, on March 31st at 3PM UTC.

This meeting will be an hour long video session to introduce ourselves, talk about the updates from the FCOR Objective, review some beginning tasks, places to get involved, and set up a recurring call. This call is not limited to Ambassadors, it’s for anyone who is interested in Fedora’s outreach, including:

  • Ambassadors
  • Advocates
  • CommOps Team Members
  • Join SIG Team Members
  • Any Fedora community member interested in outreach

The FCOR team will circulate an agenda for the meeting in advance. We can’t wait to see you there!


Since July of 2020, co-leads Mariana Balla and Sumantro Mukherjee, with the support of Marie Nordin, have been working on the Fedora Community Outreach Revamp Objective(FCOR).

This objective will be an initiative to revamp several community outreach teams within Fedora that are struggling to function, or need more support to truly become a success. The objective will bring together Ambassadors, Ambassador Emeritus, Join SIG, and Advocates all under the same umbrella of CommOps in a clear and cohesive structure.

This FCOR revolves around processing feedback from the Fedora community and its various outreach groups to help restructure ongoing and new processes. CommOps, Ambassadors, Join SIG are important teams that exist to make the Fedora Project a sustainable open source project by implementing internal and external outreach. Many of the Objective deliverables are completed or in progress.