Last month, the Fedora Council had a face-to-face meeting in Prague. While we were there, Miro Hrončok invited us to Prague Pyvo—the local Python meetup. Jona Azizaj, Matthew Miller, and I made the trip across town for what ended up being a Fedora-themed night.

I gave a talk called “Fedora and the Future of Operating Systems”. The presentation gives a brief introduction to the history of software distribution—from the bad old days of having to compile everything from source to the advent of binary packages and repositories. Operating systems have become reliable (not boring!), so distributions are focusing on solving higher-level problems. The future of Fedora includes new approaches like Fedora Silverblue, Fedora CoreOS, and Fedora IoT, as well as concepts like Fedora Modularity.

Next up, Matthew did an open floor discussion of the Fedora community generally and what it’s like to lead such a large, complicated project. The audience had a lot of great questions. Some of them were Fedora users and there were also several contributors. Almost everyone was at least passingly familiar with Fedora.

During the lightning talks, Jona got up to share the Python Weekend event in Brno she organizing. We also hear from someone at the Czech National Library of Technology, where their public workstations run Fedora. Moje Fedora had an article last year talking about this.

In all, it was a great event. The audience is passionate and engaged. They filled the venue, which meant roughly 50 people were there. It’s always nice to talk about Fedora with a friendly audience, especially when we can help out a community member.