As we get ready to release Fedora Linux 36, another anticipated moment has arrived: the Fedora contributor tee shirt giveaway! Sending a huge “THANK YOU!!” to everyone who works to make Fedora the amazing community it is. The Mindshare Committee is excited to be able to share swag with our community to celebrate the latest release of Fedora Linux. Find the details below.

Note that this is a 24 hour giveaway, you will need to use your Fedora Project email address, and we have generated codes by region so that folks across the entire world have a chance to receive a tee shirt. Feel free to share a link in your local Fedora channels, but a reminder to refrain from posting it widely on socials. We want to ensure that active Fedora contributors receive this gift, although we are happy to see users receive some too! See details below.

If it arrives in time, the perfect place to wear your Fedora tee shirt is at the upcoming Fedora Linux 36 Release Party. Make sure to register and attend! We have something else in the works 😉

How to claim your tee shirt

Visit this link: 

(No need to login to the Cool Stuff Store, simply click on the link)

  1. Enter Code: [geot_filter region=”asia, oceania, antarctica”]FEDORAAPACF18288B44F[/geot_filter][geot_filter region=”north-america, south-america”]FEDORA5A6784110C[/geot_filter][geot_filter region=”europe, africa”]FEDORAEMEA4F3FCF1764[/geot_filter].
  2. Select item by clicking view product.
  3. Select Size from the drop-down box.
  4. Click on Select Product.
  5. Checkout.
  6. Enter Ship to address.
  7. Click complete order.