The Fedora 23 release has been a huge success and now it’s time for Fedora Elections!

On Tuesday 2015-11-17, we are going to start with November / December 2015 Election for the following teams:

As usual, we are changing approximately one half of electable seats in each team. However, for this election cycle we have an exception for the FAmSCo team. As the team has not been elected for a longer period of time, we are going to elect all the available seats in this authority. From the seven seats, which are going to be elected in the FAmSCo team, the first four (in the number of votes) will be for F24/F25 cycle. The remaining three seats will be for F24 cycle only.

Fedora Elections November / December 2015


The Election Schedule is available here. Here is a quick review of the timeline :

  • Nomination Period: Tue 2015-11-17 – Mon 2015-11-23
  • Campaign Period: Tue 2015-11-24 – Mon 2015-11-30
  • Voting Period: Tue 2015-12-01 – Mon 2015-12-07
  • Result Announcement: Tue 2015-12-08

Organizational Changes

Fedora Community Blog is now live! Let’s improve the Election experience by using the Community Blog for election-related activities.

Collecting responses from nominees and recasting them into candidate interviews has been of the most cumbersome tasks for an Election Organizer to date.  Now that Fedora Community Blog is available, I would like to suggest that Nominees publish their interviews on Fedora Community Blog themselves from the current election cycle.

We will still be collecting questions from the community to give nominees a rough idea about the expected details nominees should publish about themselves and also “What Fedora Community wants to know?” from the nominees. Nominees can still choose the details they want to publish and the specific questions they want to answer from the Questionnaire. However, nominees, please note that it is your responsibility for publishing your candidate interview on Fedora Community Blog and you will be held solely responsible for all the details mentioned within .

Questionnaire for the current Elections is available here . Feel free to edit the current questionnaire and add or modify the available questions on this wiki page.

More information on how Elections are organized is available on the Elections wiki page.

Elections Phases

Nomination Period:  To be held from Tue 2015-11-17  to Mon 2015-11-23

During this period anyone can nominate his/herself to any of the following teams:

We are also collecting questions for nominees in the Elections Questionnaire during this time. Some questions were already inherited from the past elections. Feel free to edit the current questionnaire and add or modify the available questions on this wiki page.

 Campaign Period: To be held from Tue 2015-11-24 to Mon 2015-11-30

The purpose of this period is to provide nominees with a room for their presentation to the community. Every nominee can use their own blogs / sites or the Fedora Community Blog to campaign as well as to answer questions from the Elections Questionnaire.

Voting Period: To be held from Tue 2015-12-01 to  Mon 2015-12-07

We are going to use the Voting machine, as usual.

Result Announcements (on Tue 2015-12-08)


On a concluding note , I hope to see increased numbers of voters and nominees as well as active participation and positive community engagement in the current round of Fedora Elections. I believe we will have great and deserving people elected into the all vacant authorities.

Special thanks to people from CommOps team, especially to Bee2502, for her help during organization of these elections.

Wishing good luck to all the nominees!