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In any event, hi folks! I hope you are having a Magnificent March so far 🙂 Its been a while since I got this weekly blog out, February had a lot of work travel, some vacation time and a little bit of seasonal flu thrown in for good measure so I missed a few weeks. I’m now back in full action, and bringing you a weekly report of all things fedora that are in my current purview.

Upcoming Travel & Events

The deadline for devconf.cz call for proposals has been extended to March 10th 2024, yay! So make sure you get your talk(s) submitted before this date.

Another very exciting piece of Fedora news – Flock to Fedora 2024 has been officially announced as coming to Rochester, New York in August. Our annual conference will run from Wednesday 7th – Saturday 10th August 2024, so make sure you save the date. The call for proposals will be live soon, and in the meantime I would encourage you to start thinking about potential talks and workshops you would like to submit based on the great work you are doing in the Fedora Project. The Flock to Fedora website is now live and you can also read about the event in the Fedora Magazine.

Open Source Summit Europe has a call for proposals currently open – deadline is April 30th and the conference is set for September 14th – 18th in Vienna, Austria.

Fedora Linux 40 Release

Beta Go/No-Go Meeting

The Fedora Linux 40 Beta release is targeting Tuesday 19th March. There is a Go/No-Go meeting scheduled for Thursday 14th March to determine if we have a suitable release candidate or not.

For more information on the Go/No-Go meetings you can visit the wiki page, and for current release targets and other key milestone dates for F40, please refer to the release schedule.

Beta Blockers

There are a few beta blocker bugs active right now. If you can spare some time to try to reproduce the bug to verify it is a bug, and/or even try to find a fix, it would be greatly appreciated. A summary report went out to the devel-list this week, and you can also find all blocker bugs, both proposed and accepted, in the blockerbugs app.

Fedora Linux 41 Release

Fedora Linux 41 Changes

Some of you folks are early and organized birds, and that is very much appreciated! Change proposals are starting to come in for Fedora Linux 41. You can find the first few that have been announced below:

The F41 schedule is also live, so do check it out for submission deadlines if you are planning to propose a change for our next release.

Hot Topics


The EPEL Steering Committee elections will join the Fedora Council, Mindshare Committee and FESCo in how they are run, i.e by me! I am happy to announce that I will be coordinating the EPEL steering committees next election in May 2024. The finer details, such as a published schedule, nominations page and interview questions are being worked on between the current committee members and I and will be available in good time before the election period starts.

Another noteworthy topic, and more details will follow this next week, is that during the Fedora Council hackfest in February this year, it was decided by the council that we will be changing how we run our elections. We have decided to have just one election campaign, with two available seats each year. We felt that a 12-month term for elected members is best started at the same time, without the disruption of membership changes 6 months into their term. You can view the ticket discussion and outcome here, and the TL;dr is we will be electing two members in the spring/summer election, and our autumn/winter elected member will continue to serve their term until the end of their 12 months.

FESCo and Mindshare committee elections remain unchanged at this time and will continue to run twice per year.


Fedora is participating in Outreachy again for 2024 and we are very excited to welcome our new applicants. To find out more about Outreachy, and Fedoras involvement, please read Justin Florys blog post about it. You can also join the #fedora-mentoring channel on Matrix too.

Help Wanted

That’s all from me this week folks, have a great weekend!