Hello Fedorans! Now that I am settling into this role, I would like to resume the weekly report that Ben Cotton used to send (Fedoras Friday Facts). I will probably steal this name too in the new year, but for this week and next, as this report will be a little lighter, I will simply call it a Weekly 🙂 Here’s some stuff that’s going on in Fedora, dates you might need to take note of.

Upcoming Stuff ‘N’ Things

Holiday Shutdown/General Slowdown Period

We are fast approaching the end of the year where many of us will spend time with friends and family. Please expect slow or no replies to direct messages and emails between the period of December 20th 2023 – January 2nd 2024 approx.

For anything in crisis, (ie a service is causing an outage that is infrastructure related), please check the status page, open a ticket in the infra repo and check in on the #fedora matrix channel.

Voting for F39 Elections Closes Soon

The F39 elections voting period is closing on Thursday December 21st. You still have time to vote for your candidate(s) for Fedora Council, Mindshare Committee & Fedora Engineering Steering Committee (FESCo) in the Elections app. The open seats are listed below:

  • One seat for Fedora Council
  • One seat for Mindshare Committee
  • Five seats for FESCo

Election winners will be announced on Friday 22nd December.

Fedora Linux 40 Milestones

The following is a list of submission deadlines for Change Proposals. If you wish to submit a change proposal, please do so *before* the below dates.

  • 20th December – Proposals requiring infrastructure changes
  • 26th December – Proposals requiring mass rebuilds
  • 26th December – Proposals that are System-Wide changes
  • 16th January ’24 – Proposals that are Self-Contained

For those who have approved F40 changes, weekly reports will begin in early January, but do take note of the following dates now too:

Please visit the F40 Change Set page for an up to date list of accepted System Wide and Self-Contained changes. The full overview of the Fedora Linux 40 release schedule can also be viewed >>here<<.

Travel & Events


FOSDEM ’24 is back on February 3rd & 4th in Brussels, Belgium. The cfp has now closed and notifications have been sent to inform folks whether their talk has been accepted or not. A provisional schedule for the Distributions Devroom is available >>here<< , and Fedora will have a stand at the conference too. If you’re attending, make sure to stop by to say hi!

Hot Topics!

Here is a quick snapshot of some of the discussions happening on discussions.fpo & Community Blog that might be of interest to you:

Help Wanted

That’s it for this week, which should have been published last Friday, but here we are 🙂 There will be another ‘weekly’ arriving to your community blog this Friday 22nd December and if you would like to get in touch, dont hesitate to reach out.