Here’s your report of what has happened in Fedora this week. Fedora 32 was released on Tuesday. Fedora 30 will reach end-of-life on 26 May.

I have weekly office hours in #fedora-meeting-1. Drop by if you have any questions or comments about the schedule, Changes, elections, or anything else.


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Prioritized Bugs

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Fedora 33


Mark libdb as deprecatedSystem-WideFESCo #2379
Introduce module Obsoletes and EOLSystem-WideFESCo #2364
Removal of the glibc-headers packageSystem-WideFESCo #2371
Network Time SecuritySelf-ContainedFESCo #2372
Update Erlang/OTP to version 23Self-ContainedApproved
systemd-resolvedSystem-WideFESCo #2381
Boost 1.73 upgradeSystme-WideAnnounced
Node.js 14.x by default

Changes approved, rejected, or withdrawn will be removed from this table the next week. See the ChangeSet page for a full list of approved changes.

CPE update

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