The admins of Fedora Telegram group, would like to invite you to participate in a big “ask me anything” (AMA) session. Join us on May 6th at 18:00 UTC (14:00 US/Eastern) in the Fedoraama telegram group (bridged to #fedora-ama on Freenode IRC). The session is expected to span an hour and a half.

We will have the presence of Fedora Contributors who kindly offered their time for the event. Our guests for May 6th will be:

Please join these groups and send your questions and ideas. Let us know if you wish to be mentioned/quoted/tagged.

Ronnie Tucker from Full Circle Magazine has graciously agreed to feature the event in an article. Please, check his amazing publication! Many thanks to him for his considerate gesture. We look forward to many more amazing collaborations!

We would also like to thank Jason Evangelho from the Linux for Everyone podcast and Forbes, who’s being nice enough to offer to spread the news about the event to his many followers.

Finally we would like to reiterate our open invitation to Fedora Project users and contributors to join us. Questions, ideas and suggestions are welcome!

Feel free to contact Sid Sundaresan (@buredoRUNofthecyborg) on Telegram in either channel.