Hi, I’m Ella Daniels and I’m an Outreachy design intern, starting my journey here at Fedora. My internship project is to develop and design a Fedora Zine. The Zine project is a new initiative within Fedora started by the last Outreachy design intern, Smera Goel

What is a zine? 

Short for “fanzine”, zines are a self-published, non-commercial print work. Created originally in the 1920’s as small-scale do-it-yourself efforts, they have served as an alternative means for dialogue and artistic expression, free of censorship. Many zines originally carried an anti-authoritarian message, but over the past century,  they have gained popularity and have begun to cover a broader array of topics.

Why are we creating a Fedora Zine?

Firstly, we want to recognise and celebrate the wide variety of work being done here at Fedora. Secondly, to provide engagement with the community that is focused on personal expression and creativity. The zine will be distributed at conferences and events to help gain more contributors, and a downloadable copy will be available. 

We are also setting up a sustainable process, to serve as a guide for the creation of new editions of Fedora Zine in the future!

How can I contribute?

We would love to include all creative endeavours of our fellow Fedorans!

Ideas of what to submit:

  • Traditional art (paintings, photographs of traditional sculptures, drawings, sketches etc.)
  • Digital Art (3d renderings, pixel art, digital illustration etc.)
  • Photographs (artistic, event photos etc.)
  • Text submissions (poetry, stories, recipes etc.)
  • Animals of Fedora: Pictures of pets of Fedora Contributors
  • Pretty much anything else that comes to mind – it’s all about expressing yourself 🙂

You can upload submissions for this edition on the Fedora Zine repo until February 1st. Any submissions posted after this date will be considerered for future editions.

For more info check out Fedora Zine’s wiki page. I look forward to seeing everyone’s entries!