Here’s your report of what has happened in Fedora Program Management this week. Fedora 29 will reach end of life on 26 November. Elections voting begins next week. Candidates must submit their interviews before the deadline or they will not be on the ballot.



CentOS DojoBrussels, BE31 Jan 2020closes 18 Nov
FOSDEM Distro DevroomBrussels, BE2 Feb 2020closes 1 Dec
Indy Cloud ConfIndianapolis, IN, US26–27 Mar 2020closes 21 Dec

Help wanted

Upcoming meetings


Fedora 31


  • 21 November — Elections voting begins
  • 26 November — Fedora 29 EOL

Fedora 32


Submitted to FESCo

Approved by FESCo

Withdrawn by owner

CPE update

Rawhide Gating

  • Bodhi 5.0 has been deployed in production
    • We received some feedback about the changes in the UI and are looking at how we can address them.
    • We are working on documenting on how packagers will use Bodhi for multi-builds updates in rawhide:
  • A 5.1 release is scheduled, likely some time next week, to address some of the issues encountered and fixed in the 5.0 release.


  • Our team came across some test reliability issues last week & these are impeding progress on the 83x patch.
  • Some more debugging/discussions around RCMs pushes that seem to be either very slow or hanging but the team is looking into some solutions
  • Some progress was also made on the 83x patch however and we managed to fix one unreliable test.

Community Application Handover & Retirement Updates

  • Elections — Blocking issue was fixed (
  • Fedocal — jlanda hitting permission error in communishift
  • Nuancier — Benson Muite is now working on OIDC authentication. We are emailing him to check the progress and if he needs any help
  • fpaste — Published an article in Fedora Magazine. Sunset date: 1 December 2019.
  • Badges — GDPR query under investigation