What is Friday with Infra?

Friday with Infra is a new event done by CPE (Community Platform Engineering) Team, that will help potential contributors to start working on some of the applications we maintain. During this event members of the CPE team will help you to start working on those applications and help you with any issue you may encounter. At the end of this event you should be able to maintain the application by yourself.

What applications will be part of this event?

  • Fedocal – Fedora calendar application
  • Nuancier – Voting application for the supplementary wallpapers of Fedora
  • Elections – Fedora voting application
  • Tahrir (Badges) – Fedora badges application

We choose these specific applications, because we are looking for new maintainers for them. See https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/application-service-categories-and-community-handoff/ to find out why are we looking for new maintainers.

What you could expect on this event?

You could expect that you will learn more about these applications and you will probably learn some new tricks with Python. Most importantly you will have fun and probably also get some cookies. 🙂

Sounds fun! So how can you join?

If you are interested to join this event let us know by sending an email to fedora-infrastructure mailing list and then just hang out in the #fedora-apps IRC channel on freenode each Friday and we will help you with anything you need. We will also do some demos and go through various processes with you.

When this events starts?

This event will start on 16th August and will continue each week till the applications will be ready to give away to new maintainers. We will be scheduling more specific time based on the timezone of those, who want to join this event.

Additional info

For additional info you could ask us in #fedora-apps IRC channel or you could check our wiki for this event.