As you may be aware, Red Hat has a mandatory shutdown period beginning 24 December and ending 2 January. This allows most associates to celebrate the holiday season with friends and family and recharge their batteries after a busy year. Multiple Red Hat teams will be observing this period, including the Community Platform Engineering team, which supports Fedora & CentOS infrastructure. We want to raise awareness that availability will be minimal during this time.

For services that affect end users (e.g. mirrorlists) and services that directly affect the ability to provide critical updates to users, we will attempt to provide coverage, but this is not guaranteed and will be on a best-effort basis. Any coverage offered will ultimately will be at the personal choice of the individual during their time off.

Report emergency issues via the Fedora Infrastructure Pagure repo, but be aware the response time may be slower than normal.

For those with access to the infrastructure: if you decide to work on fixing something or reinstalling something or the like, please make sure it doesn’t cause any alerts or problems. If you think it might, please wait until everyone is back to do it. 

While the formal shutdown period ends on the 2nd of January 2020, many people will not be back until Monday the 6th of January 2020.

We want to take this time to wish you and yours a healthy and happy Christmas period and a most prosperous New Year. We look forward to working closely with you over the coming year.